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  • Spotlight

    Public Goods Delivers Sustainable Living Right to Your Door

    As we have heard time and time again, we are living in unprecedented times. In what felt like just a matter of days, many peoples’ lives were upended in the wake of coronavirus. Jobs were lost, [...]

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    Introducing LimePod, Seattle’s Newest Car-Share Service

    You’ve seen their bikes, their scooters, and now, their cars. Lime is now rolling out their car-share service in multiple cities across America, starting in Seattle on December 10th. [...]

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  • Latest News

    Synthetic Alcohol Promises No Hangover or Liver Damage

      We all know that alcohol isn't good for our health. Years of research and drink warnings tell us of the dangers of alcohol, yet it still remains a normal part of life. But researchers at Imperial College London are thinking outside of the box with a new alternative that promises to leave you hangover-free and without any liver damage: Synthetic alcohol. At first thought, it sounds [...]

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    Pesticides Are Everywhere: But Do We Really Need Them?

    With a global population of 7.5 billion people, it's no wonder that growing enough produce for the planet is proving to be a challenge. The way that we grow and harvest foods now is far different than it was even a few years ago. Instead of relying on family-owned farms and local harvests, things have gone global. Groceries stores have blueberries from Spain, bananas from Costa Rica, asparagus [...]

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    Cockroach Milk and 4 Other Dairy Alternatives for Eco-Friendly and Healthy Living

    Dairy products have long been a staple of diets around the world. For decades, sporting the infamous “milk mustache” has been a sign of what schools teach to be a healthy, nutritious choice. However, new science cautions against the 3 per day guideline, for both nutrition and environmental reasons.  Instead of reaching for dairy creamer, cheese or butter, consider trying out one [...]

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