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  • Spotlight

    Public Goods Delivers Sustainable Living Right to Your Door

    As we have heard time and time again, we are living in unprecedented times. In what felt like just a matter of days, many peoples’ lives were upended in the wake of coronavirus. Jobs were lost, [...]

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    Introducing LimePod, Seattle’s Newest Car-Share Service

    You’ve seen their bikes, their scooters, and now, their cars. Lime is now rolling out its car-share service in multiple cities across America, starting in Seattle on December 10th. [...]

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  • Latest News

    Could Manure Power Our Homes?

    As the world gradually transitions to renewable energy—with some places shifting more gradually than others—creative solutions are vying with the more mainstream renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Biogas has arisen as one of these creative solutions. Production of biogas prevents methane, a potent greenhouse gas, and some CO2 from escaping into the atmosphere while providing[...]

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    Scientists Use Frog Cells To Create Living Robots

    Scientists have created living robots: blob-like lifeforms of frog stem cells that can be "programmed" to move. The robots are a far cry from the boxy, metal and plastic robots we're accustomed to. These living robots, named xenobots for the frog species that donates the necessary cells, might transform medicine in a way synthetic robots can't. For example, the xenobots can even heal themselves [...]

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    The Start-Up Making Solar Power and Clean Energy More Accessible

    Solar power isn't a new concept, yet it still hasn't gone entirely mainstream. High costs, the panels' aesthetic, and under-performing technology are all factors that are holding solar energy back from reaching its full potential. Now, over a century since its conception, solar power's capacity to generate clean energy is finally grabbing the attention it deserves, thanks to a start-up aptly named[...]

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