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  • Spotlight

    Introducing LimePod, Seattle’s Newest Car-Share Service

    You’ve seen their bikes, their scooters, and now, their cars. Lime is now rolling out their car-share service in multiple cities across America, starting in Seattle on December 10th. [...]

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    Thanksgiving Made Easy, Thanks to These 13 Amazing Apps

    As always, tech is making our lives easier. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the stress and anxiety of the upcoming festivities can be overwhelming. Meal planning, shopping, and checking off [...]

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  • Latest News

    This 10-Minute Cancer Test Could Save Millions of Lives

    Researchers have discovered a remarkable new 10-minute cancer test that is much more accessible than current methods. With this test, the presence of cancer cells can be found in any part of the body, according to a new study published last week. Each year, an estimated 1.7 million people are diagnosed with cancer in America alone. This doesn’t factor in the people who don’t even go to[...]

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    Electrified Roads: Charge Your Electric Vehicle as You Drive

    Electrified roads have just been introduced in Sweden. As more and more people are moving towards environmentally-friendly transportation, innovation in the electric vehicle sector is of growing importance. With over 2 million people driving electric vehicles worldwide, the electric technology has a need to move forward with the demand. Electric vehicles have gained massive popularity over the [...]

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    The Final Straw: Reusable, Portable, Collapsible Straws

    Plastic straws are soon to be a thing of the past, thanks to inventions like the Final Straw. As awareness of the damage caused by plastic straws grows, more and more people are demanding that they be banned in cities across the world. In America alone, we use over 500 million plastic straws per day. And where do the majority of plastic straws end up? Tossed carelessly in the trash, littered, not [...]

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